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Where's Rodney?

A Kirkus Best

Picture Book of 


Where's Rodney

"Rodney! Where's Rodney?" Rodney's teacher has had enough because Rodney is never in his seat. He's at the window looking at the world outside because outside is where he really wants to be. But Rodney is about to visit a whole new world, one that takes him more outside than he's ever even dreamed! Where's Rodney? is illustrated by Floyd Cooper, Coretta Scott King Award winner and NAACP Image Award nominee.


” a stirring reminder of the importance of access to nature, and how rare that access is for many children.” 

Publishers Weekly

”...reflects both the changing physical landscape and emotional range of the story as Rodney discovers that “outdoors” can not only be “majestic,” but peaceful, too.”

Publishers Weekly

...will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections.

Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch

”...can finally be free to explore the wonders of nature.

Foreword Reviews Picture Book Feature

Story Time

"This book neatly nestles itself among recent trends of growing engagement with African-American populations within our national parks, as well as offering a measured response to the ways black boys may struggle with school cultures that enforce seated obedience over genuine curiosity. Cooper’s signature style captures Rodney’s fidgetiness indoors and his growing excitement as the school bus rumbles out of town. In the park, a sequence of spectacular double-page sequences places Rodney within the park’s many wonders, and readers can see clearly how this immersion in nature allows the boy to be exactly himself. Combining the amazement offered by the natural world with an unconventional and poignant dose of social commentary, this story gives more to its readers that what meets the eye."

Rodney Storytime

Where’s Rodney Storytime

Enjoy storytime with Carmen as she brings "Where’s Rodney?" to life!

Granny, Who is God?
Story Time

Granny, Who is God?


Ladybug is a six-year-old girl with a big question: “Who is God?” Granny talks to Him all the time, but Ladybug has never seen Him.  Granny even gets answers back! With Granny, Auntie Birdie, and Sistah Collins – the colorful “Sistahs Circle” – Ladybug always has a hallelujah good time.  But on this special day, she wants answers. She is determined that this is the day that she will actually meet Granny’s mysterious, invisible best friend. This is the day that Ladybug meets God.


Granny, Who Is God?

Enjoy storytime with Carmen as she brings "Granny, Who Is God?" to life!

Granny, Who Is God? Storytime
Story Time

Tasha's Voice

Tasha's Voice

Tasha's Voice Storytime

Enjoy storytime with Carmen as she brings "Tasha's Voice" to life!

Tasha's Storytime
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Story Time

Willis Watson Is a Wannabe

Willis Watson Is a Wannabe

Willis Watson Is a Wannabe Storytime

Enjoy storytime with Carmen as she brings "Willis Watson Is a Wannabe" to life!

Willis Storytime
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